Jan 082012

Many new iPad and iPhone users, accustomed to copying files between computers via a USB flash drive, sorely miss this ability. Of course you can connect your iPad to a PC/Mac via the USB lead and dock but then you have to manage the content via iTunes – not exactly an easy method to quickly transfer or store a few files…

The free ‘WiFi USB’ app offers a way to turn your iOS device into a wireless external flash drive for easy transfer of files. WiFi USB is an app that lets you share, copy, and backup your files to and from your PC / Mac / Linux computer – or even a smartphone. It basically turns your iPhone or iPad into a web server which you can access wirelessly from any internet enabled device.

Averages ratings – 4 star ratings, Cost – free, Requirements – iOS 4.3 (or higher), Designed for – iPad or iPhone or iPod Touch, Size – 0.3MB. Download – at iTunes store here


  • 1. Make sure your iPad or iPhone is connected to your wireless network
  • 2. Start the Wifi USB app on your iOS Device
  • 3. Use the web browser of your other device (e.g. computer/smartphone) to browse to the designated IP address e.g. if the IP address shown in Wifi USB was (as in the example screenshot below) you would type that into the address bar of your web browser to visit it:


  • 4. Select and copy files from your computer/phone to (or from) your iOS device via the web browser
  • 5. Copied files can be accessed from the ‘My Files’ icon on your iOS device (bottom right of screenshot above)


Transferring files via a wireless network is much slower than via a genuine USB flash/external drive so obviously it is not an ideal method to transfer Gigabytes of files at a time.

However, as the USB option is not available with iOS devices, this app provides a simple way to use a wireless network to transfer files to/from your iPad/iPhone without the hassle of connecting via the dock and using iTunes.

This makes it great for taking your files with you and quickly transferring them wherever you have access to a wireless network – and it is compatible with almost any internet enabled device with a functional web browser.