Aug 242012

Ccleaner 3.22 adds full Windows 8 support and further improvements to the cleaning process. Piriform have updated Ccleaner – one of my top 10 free system utilities. One of the most notable change is that Windows 8 (due for release October 26) is now fully supported. There are a variety of further improvements too, including an option to exclude a single registry value.

Using Ccleaner 3.22 you can now exclude a single registry value, not just a branch of the registry. This feature should prove helpful for advanced users wanting to exclude specific values from the cleaning process – to use the new feature:

  • Open Ccleaner and select the Options tab then the Exclude tab.
  • Press the ‘Add’ button to open the Exclude window and select ‘Registry Key’ – so far this is the same as the previous versions.
  • Hit ‘Browse’ to open the Registry window – in Ccleaner 3.22 there is now an additional field to input a specific Value Name (optional) as shown below:
ccleaner 322

Excluding a specific registry entry

  • Into this new field you can paste a value that you have copied directly from the Registry Editor to exclude it from cleaning – can prove useful to retain values for a specific setting or program.

Other changes in Ccleaner 3.22 include improvements to the compatibility of the Startup Item tool and to the benchmarking of summary results. There is added support for Custom Files and Folders and enhanced file security algorithms as well as wildcard support in search boxes.

Ccleaner still supports operating systems as old as Windows 2000 with some fixes and there are some minor improvements to the user interface.

Download Ccleaner 3.22 – Download Ccleaner Free from Piriform here or download the Portable version (zipped file) that requires no installation from the bottom of the Builds page here.


The addition of full Windows 8 support and further improvements to the cleaning process plus the ability to drill down to the level of single registry values retain Ccleaner’s position as an excellent all purpose Windows system cleaner utility.