Last Chance For 90 Day Windows 7 Trial

You can still download a free 90 day trial of Windows 7.You can choose to download either the 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 7 Enterprise.

The Enterprise version is mostly used by large companies but it is basically the same as the retail version of Windows 7 Ultimate – the most full featured version of Windows 7 on the market.

The trial offers full functionality for 90 days – after that it will shut down once every hour so you will have to buy (and install) a new copy of Windows 7 if you want to use Windows 7 permanently. Therefore, don’t install the trial on your main computer.

How To Get It – The trial download and more details are available from Microsoft here – choose the version you want at the bottom of the page. You will be asked a few basic questions about why you are downloading the trial. Hint: unless you select that you are an IT manager or IT Developer you will not be able to download the trial ;-)

You also need to sign in with your Microsoft passport/Windows live ID (or sign up for free to create a new one) before the download can begin.

The 32-bit version is 2.2GB in size (the 64-bit version is even larger) so it may take an hour or more to download depending on your broadband speed. However it uses a download manager that can resume the download if it gets disconnected – useful if you need to shut down your computer half way through.

The downloaded file will be an ISO image file – see our article on how to burn an ISO file to a blank DVD if you need help on what to do with it.

Issues – This is a trial for evaluation purposes only – you cannot ‘upgrade’ it to a full Windows 7 version after the trial finishes even if you later buy a new copy of Windows 7 – you will need to remove the trial from your computer first.

Therefore, don’t install this trial on your main (normal use) computer unless you are prepared to backup your documents, reformat it and then reinstall an operating system afterwards!

1 Response to: "Last Chance For 90 Day Windows 7 Trial"

  1. Alex says:

    I downloaded this a while back and installed it on my Vista laptop as a dual boot because 7 runs a lot quicker on it than Vista. It has expired now but it’s still handy to boot into it quickly even though it is only for an hour at a time ;-)