Latest Ccleaner 3.13 Released With IE Add-On Manager

Ccleaner 3.13 adds a new Internet Explorer Add-On manager plus further improvements and better browser support.

The main new feature is the IE Add-on manager which is a simple alternative to the ‘Manage Add-ons’ in IE’s own Options menu – however, it isn’t immediately obvious what it is, or even how to find it.

IE Add-On Manager – To access it in Firefox 3.13

1. Open Ccleaner and select the ‘Tools’ tab then select the ‘Startup’ tab.

2. The Startup tab lists all the programs that are set to run when your computer startsĀ and now includes IE Add-ons (Extensions), IE Helpers and IE Toolbars – that is what is meant by the new ‘IE Add-on manager’.

3. Entries that are currently Disabled are greyed out as shown below:


IE Add-ons Manager

4. You can use this list to disable, enable or delete any entry – just select the entry and click the required button on the right of the Startup tab window

5. You could disable or delete IE extensions, helpers and toolbars from here e.g. if they caused IE to crash or you couldn’t uninstall them in the normal way or they included virus add-ons

Warning: do not disable or delete entries from this list if you don’t know what they are. You may be able to uninstall an IE add-on from (Add/Remove) Programs in the usual way.

Other changes in Ccleaner 3.13 include addition of Jumplist Cache cleaning for Firefox, improved Firefox and Thunderbird cache cleaning plus many improvements to the cleaning of temporary files, history and privacy in Chrome (plus development builds).

Custom Thunderbird installations are now supported e.g. for Portable versions and there is added cleaning for various programs like Nero plus improved cleaning for WinRAR and all versions of Microsoft Office.

Download Ccleaner – Download Ccleaner Free from Piriform here OR download the Ccleaner – Portable version (zipped file) that requires no installation from the bottom of their Builds page here.

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  1. Poker Pete says:

    Top software – never caused me a single problem and keeps on getting better, without trying to do too much like some bloated utilities.