Best Automated Listing Of Free Kindle Ebooks

eReaderIQ is a website that provides an hourly updated and automated list of free retail Kindle books from Amazon.

The website is available here for US. Visitors from the the UK or Canada can select their own country-specific site at the top of the page.

  • Navigation: Via page numbers at the top and bottom of the page
  • Details provided: Title, Author, Genre, date and time added to the site
  • Product description: Provided on mouse hover over the book cover
  • Searchable: By genre (click ‘Show Genres’ button, stars, number of reviews, rating, date added
  • Links: Clicking a book’s Cover or Title takes you to its Amazon Kindle edition page where you can ‘Buy’ and download it
  • Subscribe: There is a ‘Sign Me Up’ button at the top right of the site to subscribe and get up to 2 daily emails listing all the new free titles added that day
  • Price: Typically some ebooks may only be free for a short period – double check the price on Amazon before you place an order
  • Review ratings: Crucially, EreaderIQ displays Amazon review ‘star’ ratings within the listing – you can sort by ratings too
  • Front Covers: Displayed for each book

Note: Erotica titles are excluded from the results (unless you opt in!) as they may have graphic adult titles and/or front covers – so this site is more Suitable For Work than Kogrid which shows them by default.

Only Free Books?

eReaderIQ isn’t just for free books – it includes some other cool features such as an advanced Kindle search engine – search by Author, Publisher, Price Range and more. Also offers price drop notifications – notifies you when the price of a particular book drops in price by the amount you specify (useful if you want to wait until a book hits a certain price before buying).


EreaderIQ includes the ability to click the front cover of a book (instead of just the Title) to link through to its Amazon page and also has an excellent search facility too (e.g. to narrow your choice by genre or rating). Overall, it offers far more than Kogrid and the default exclusion of erotica genre makes it a better site for work or family environments.

It offers a treasure trove of links to free Kindle ebooks (updated hourly) so you can find a really good read at a bargain price.

Amazon reviews are included in the listings which can be a great guide to a book’s quality but they may be thin on the ground for the newest releases – if the author has written other books, checking out the reviews on those should give a fairly good guideline.

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