App-O-Day Daily Free Deal For iPhone And iPad

Everyone loves free apps – what’s not to like? However, it has to be said that some apps are only free because they’re not actually very good… Paid apps may be higher quality and/or offer better support with more frequent updates.

Many websites offer reviews and top picks of free apps to help eliminate the dross but some of the best deals are likely to be found on apps which are only free for a very limited time. Paid apps typically go free temporarily to promote the app, stimulate demand and achieve a social media wave of new downloads and positive reviews.

Whilst other sites I have reviewed in the past trawl through these apps to find the best offers, Silicon Valley startup Iddiction have spotted a slightly different opportunity – they work with developers to actually create such a deal – “just like Groupon but for Apps & Games”.

Iddiction have launched AppoDay, a free iOS app and associated website that aim to showcase the daily free deals they have agreed with developers of paid apps.

AppoDay differs from most free app review sites as it provides exclusive free deals with a focus on quality rather than quantity – just one app a day, hence the name. The free app deals are available for a limited-time only, usually just 1 day.

The AppoDay website here displays the current daily deal with a timer countdown to the deal expiry – today’s is the bizarrely titled, but highly rated, Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig) game that usually costs $0.99


Example Daily Deal

There is no direct link to the daily deal from the website itself – you can Google for the app (Baby Monkey is at iTunes store here) or click the Deal picture to install the free App-o-Day app.

The AppoDay app for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 4.0+) is also available for download from the official website here and offers the following features:

  • 3 Deals in One: Today’s, Yesterday’s and Tomorrow’s Surprise
  • We negotiate a free deal for you, every day
  • Apps are available for download for a limited-time only
  • Get Notified: Be the first of your friends to find the Amazing Deal of Today
  • Share with Friends: Vote on your favorite deals and recommend them to your friend


The Groupon-like concept of working with app developers to create daily free deals rather than just reviewing those that already take place is a great idea – whether it succeeds for AppoDay likely depends on the quality of apps and the amount of publicity they can generate.

So far the deals have been for cheap, but quality, apps and games – if that continues they could be on to a winner.