How To Make Firefox Look Like IE9

If you prefer the user interface and design of IE9, but want to use Firefox as your main web browser, a recent addon could help you make Firefox look like IE9.

FoxE9 is an add-on that applies an IE9 ‘skin’ to make the Firefox user interface look and feel more like IE9 – whilst keeping all the advantages of Firefox such as addons, security, compatibility and speed.

It is also the closest thing to IE9 that Windows XP users can get because IE9 itself is not available for XP (they’re stuck with the antiquated IE8). In addition to the IE9 style of interface, FoxE9 makes the following changes to your Firefox installation:

  • Changes / rearranges the buttons in your navigation bar and tab bar
  • Adds a button to the left of the bookmarks toolbar
  • Disables tab animations and drawing in the titlebar when maximized

You can click and drag the splitter located between the location bar and tabs if you want to resize them. An example screenshot of Firefox with the Foxe9 interface is shown below – you can choose tabs on bottom instead if preferred:


FoxE9 with tabs on top

Download – FoxE9 has the maximum User Rating of 5 stars and over 4,000 users. It’s an interesting comparison that the equivalent add-on to make Firefox look like Google Chrome has over 170,000 users – obviously not that many people really like the look of IE…

Download from the official Mozilla Add-ons site here – it uses a variety of user styles to amend Firefox and replicate (reasonably faithfully) IE’s look and feel.


The streamlined interface of IE9 (and Chrome for that matter) isn’t my personal cup of tea but 4,000 users of FoxE9 obviously prefer it.

If you want to make Firefox look like IE then this add-on provides the best of both worlds – a clean looking IE9 user interface sitting on top of your favorite Firefox browser ;-)