Google Offer Free Mobile Websites

Google have expanded their GoMo initiative to offer a mobile site – free for one year.

Last month I reviewed the GoMo tool which shows you how your current site looks on a smartphone, provides a report on what’s working and what you can do better.

I concluded that mobile internet users are an ever expanding sector of the market and, whilst good page design can go some way to improving mobile compatibility, a purpose built mobile-friendly site is the best way forward – if you have the resources.

Now you don’t need the resources :-)

GoMo Free Mobile Website

Google’s GoMo have partnered with DudaMobile (a mobile website creation platform) to help make your desktop website more mobile-friendly. It is easy to take advantage of the free offer – just visit the HowToGoMo Build Your Site page here.

This do-it-yourself site builder, customized specifically for GoMo users, easily converts regular websites into mobile-friendly sites in five simple steps. And it allows you to add features like a click-to-call button, mobile maps and Google AdSense.


  • Professional templates and free hosting
  • 1 year Premium Service for FREE (value of $108) for a year. After the free period you can sign up to continue for $9/month, however there is no obligation to do so
  • No need to submit payment details – no strings attached
  • Unlimited Email & Phone Support

Note: Flash sites, framesets and e-commerce sites cannot be automatically converted at this time.

You can find further details of the Premium Service at DudaMobile’s site here – it includes unlimited pages, unlimited bandwidth and your own mobile URL e.g.

Note that you may be required to install (or have installed) in the code of your website a certain section of code that redirects customers to your new mobile site when viewing your website on a mobile device.


A GoMo free mobile website may be useful for small to medium sized websites and blogs (no e-commerce) as it removes the need to pay a designer to build a mobile-friendly site and manage/host it yourself.

It doesn’t offer as much customization as a professionally designed site but is quicker, easier and cheaper to create – effectively you are getting a 1 year free trial to test and optimize the service.