How To Make Firefox Look Like Google Chrome

If you prefer the user interface and design of Google Chrome, but want to keep Firefox as your main web browser, you can add a new theme to make Firefox look more like Chrome.

FXChrome is an add-on theme which applies a Chrome type ‘skin’ to make the Firefox user interface look and feel more like Chrome. It still keeps your other Firefox features intact e.g. add-ons, plugins, preferences and bookmarks etc.

Updated April 2013 – The add-on has a User Rating of 4 stars and almost 180,000 users with good reviews. It’s an interesting comparison that the equivalent add-on to make Firefox look like IE9 has just 4,000 users – obviously not that many people really like the look of IE…

FXChrome also benefits from regular updates, the last one was released April 26, 2013 at the time of writing.

Download it from the official Mozilla Add-ons site here – it uses a variety of user styles as shown on the details page to amend Firefox and replicate (reasonably faithfully) Chrome’s look and feel.

Example Screenshots

The standard Firefox look is shown below – you can choose tabs on top if preferred:


Standard Firefox theme

The new FXChrome themed look is below:


FXChrome theme

Other Modifications

If you want to easily make further modifications to the FXChrome theme, the download page also links to the FXChromeMods add-on (you must already have FXChrome installed to use this Mods addon).

Installing this add-on provides additional options to tweak the theme e.g. add a ‘3 bars’ Menu button in the toolbar like Chrome, change to a custom Mac Chrome look or even change the Firefox App button to a custom picture e.g. dog, alien etc for a bit of fun (not the Chrome picture, presumably due to copyright issues).

However, it hasn’t been updated for a while so not all the functionality will work now – probably best to stick with just FXChrome by itself.


The streamlined and rather grey interface of Chrome isn’t my personal cup of tea but almost 200,000 users of FXChrome obviously like it.

If you want to make Firefox look very much like Chrome then this add-on provides the best of both worlds – a clean looking Chrome user interface sitting on top of your favorite Firefox browser ;-)