NATPC M009S LITE – Even Cheaper £50 Android Tablet

A quick heads up for visitors from the UK. A few months back I reviewed the NATPC M009S Capacitive 7 Inch Android tablet and found it a cheap but incredibly cheerful 7 inch tablet.

Whilst it lacks some quality and features that expensive rivals offer, it’s a very usable Android tablet with official Google Play (Market), Android 4.0 (ICS), a responsive touchscreen and quick/smooth operation.

A new version has just been added to the range at a bargain price of just £50 – the NATPC M009S LITE. The LITE version is basically the same as the Standard (£90) model except that it has no HDMI socket – so you can’t plug it into a TV for large screen use.

This is due to its use of an Allwinner A13 CPU instead of the A10 used in the other M009S models. According to Olimex the A13 is exactly the same CPU as the A10 (and the same speed) but without HDMI (and SATA – which isn’t of relevance to tablets).

It’s worth a recap of what models are now available:

M009S RTB Ultimate – c £105

System RAM – 1GB

Storage – 16GB

M009S 8GB (Standard) c £90

System RAM – 0.5GB

Storage – 8GB

M009S LITE – c £50

System RAM – 0.5GB

Storage – 8GB

No HDMI socket!

Review Of NATPC M009S

All three models include Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) – the above features are the only differences I can find between them.

See my full review of the NATPC M009S for more details.


The M009S LITE appears to be the same as the hugely popular Standard model except that it doesn’t have HDMI output. Whilst that may be a deal-breaker for some, the LITE version offers a £40 saving so could be ideal for kids or travel or if you don’t want to risk damaging/losing a more expensive tablet.

Of course more expensive tablets like the highly publicised Google Nexus 7 launching soon should be of a higher quality overall – but they cost at least three times the price so they should be…

At just £50 the M009S LITE is a great buy for anyone wanting a perfectly good (rather than totally great) tablet at a bargain price – as long as you don’t need HDMI.

2 Responses to: "NATPC M009S LITE – Even Cheaper £50 Android Tablet"

  1. RickB says:

    ordered one for the wife, I have one of the standard ones but at this price it would be rude not to :-)

    yeah its nowhere near an ipad but i’m not going to waste £400+ on what is really a fun toy

  2. stever says:

    Found this while browsing with my LITE, review is spot on, nothing to add except very happy with mine