NATPC M009S 3G RTB – Cheap UK Android Tablet With 3G

A quick heads up for readers from the UK. A few months back I reviewed the NATPC M009S Capacitive 7 Inch Android tablet and found it a cheap but incredibly cheerful 7 inch tablet.

Whilst it lacks some quality and features that expensive rivals offer, it’s a very usable Android tablet with official Google Play (Market), Android 4.0 (ICS), a responsive touchscreen and quick/smooth operation.

A new version has just been added to the range at a special launch price of just £99.99 – the NATPC M009S 3G RTB. It includes several upgraded features but the big selling point is the addition of 3G (as well as wi-fi).

This lets you use your own SIM card to surf the net, email, use Twitter etc or even make phone calls whilst out on the move – without being limited to a wi-fi connection.

NATPC M009S 3G RTB – This 3G version appears to the same as the RTB Ultimate 8GB (£90) model except that it adds the following extra features:

  • 3G – Built in WCDMA. Works with Virgin, Three, Vodafone, T-Mobile, O2 etc
  • Audio over Bluetooth – make calls with the inbuilt mic or a bluetooth headset
  • Dual cameras – has the usual 0.3 megapixel front facing camera and a new 2 megapixel rear facing one

Other specifications appear the same – Android 4.0 ICS, the popular Allwinner A10 CPU, 1GB system RAM and 8GB storage (add up to 32GB via micro SD card).

Note: 3G is only available on previous M009S models by adding a specific USB modem dongle (the Huawei WCDMA E1750) which costs up to £40 – if you can find one…

It’s worth a recap of what models are now available:

M009S RTB Ultimate 16GB – c £100

System RAM – 1GB
Storage – 16GB

M009S RTB Ultimate 8GB c £90

System RAM – 1GB
Storage – 8GB

M009S LITE – c £60

System RAM – 0.5GB
Storage – 8GB
No HDMI socket

And now the new 3G version:

M009S 3G RTB – c £100 (special offer price for launch)

System RAM – 1GB
Storage – 8GB

Review Of NATPC M009S

All models now include Android 4.0 ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) – I haven’t been able to get my hands on this new 3G model to review it fully yet so I can’t say how well the new 3G and other upgrades work but see my review of the original M009S for a guide to the features shared between models.


The M009S 3G appears to be the same as the popular 8GB RTB Ultimate model but with some crucial upgrades – for just £10 extra. Considering that a 3G USB dongle costs up to £40, and you also get a front facing camera and audio over bluetooth, the new model seems a bargain.

Of course far more expensive tablets like the new Google Nexus 7 are of a higher quality overall (especially the screen resolution) – but that costs twice the price and doesn’t include 3G – or SD card storage…

At just £100 the NATPC M009S 3G seems great for anyone wanting a perfectly good (rather than totally great) tablet – with 3G included.

2 Responses to: "NATPC M009S 3G RTB – Cheap UK Android Tablet With 3G"

  1. Col says:

    Do you know if this would be able to access the internet in the USA with a 3G SIM bought over there?

    • Joe90 says:

      I doubt it but your best bet would be to contact the seller (or post your question in the Amazon discussion forum for that tablet) – likely that only the seller could confirm for sure