Nrelate Related Content Plugin For WordPress

Nrelate is not just yet another related posts plugin for WordPress – it uses the cloud, not your own server, to calculate and deliver the related posts.

This can significantly minimize the work your server has to do and makes the plugin ideal for websites hosted on shared servers (or VPS/dedicated servers under high load).

We started using Nrelate at TechLogon this week – it provides the related posts that appear as thumbnails at the bottom of this article.

The reason we stopped using our previous locally stored related posts plugin is that it had to continually analyze our website content and associate it with similar articles (using complex algorithms) – all of which was beginning to slow down our server and cause CPU spikes.

Since switching to Nrelate we have seen an increase in page load speed and a corresponding decrease in server load – plus we think that Nrelate has some very useful extra features.

Nrelate Related Content Features

  • Show related content as image thumbnails (choose from six image sizes and a variety of styles), or simple text with bullet points.
  • If choosing image thumbnails, the first image in the post will be used – you can choose your own default image to show when your post contains none, otherwise a random image from Nrelate’s image library (mostly scenery) will be used.
  • Four ways to display related content:
    1. Automatically display before or after each post.
    2. Use the shortcode in your post.
    3. Use the widget in any widget area in your theme
    4. Place the function in your theme files.
  • Your website styles will automatically be used so Nrelate blends in with your website (it does set some of its own styles to make it work properly but you can change them by including your own CSS in your stylesheet). We have not had to change anything for TechLogon – the automatic style is fine.
  • You can include third party posts from the websites in your blogroll if you wish.
  • Advertizing – disabled by default. You can sign up with Nrelate for advertizing which allows you to place one or more text/image ads within your related post links. Nrelate offer a revenue share on ads but we do not plan to use this feature so have no further info.
  • When a visitor opens an article, the Nrelate servers return a list of your posts that are related to the current article. All the calculations and hard work are done by the Nrelate servers – they just send the results back to your site.
  • Removing Nrelate from your website is as easy as deactivating the plugin – unlike most similar plugins there is no local database of related posts to find and delete.

Sample of Nrelate options in Dashboard

Using Nrelate

Nrelate is available from the WordPress Plugin directory – or add it as a new plugin from within your WordPress admin panel.

Once you activate the plugin, their server will start analyzing your website – related content may take up to two hours to show up (just this first time) depending on the size of your site.

Note: you won’t see related content links on your articles until this initial analysis has finished – the current status is displayed in the plugin’s Dashboard panel.

The nrelate Pinghost is automatically added to your list of WordPress Update Services so in future it is automatically notified when you publish a new post. Nrelate gets your website content via an additional nrelate specific RSS feed – protected by a random key for security.

Nrelate appears as a separate item on your WordPress admin panel and includes Dashboard and Related Content (settings) where you can configure styles, layout and other settings – changes take immediate effect.


We have been very impressed with the Nrelate Related Content plugin – it reduces server load compared to locally stored related post plugins, has numerous (easy) display and configuration options and the actual quality of related post calculation seems just as good as our previous plugin.

3 Responses to: "Nrelate Related Content Plugin For WordPress"

  1. Sue says:

    thx for the info. i was looking for a way to get related content but lower the load on the server

  2. Raddy says:

    Great plugin! Just want to ask where can I find the “” as I want to make some space between the post and your plugin. I had a go at making new h3 nr tag with padding-top, but it doesn’t seem to work.