Overview Of Our Readers 2015

A few years ago we reviewed our web stats for TechLogon to see what technologies the readers of our website use and which operating systems, browsers, languages and countries etc are the most popular. Today we see how much has changed since then.

First, where are our visitors mostly from?

USA – 46% (up from 42%)
UK – 9%
Canada – 4%
India – 5% (English is a subsidiary official language)
Poland – 3%

As before, no surprise that English speaking countries are the most heavily represented – 64% of all visitors come from the top 4 countries. Interesting that Poland has taken over 5th place from Australia – perhaps the large number of Polish migrants to and from the UK (close to a million) in recent years is having an impact on browsing habits, and of course English language adoption.

70% of visitors had their web browser language set to English – we assume the other 30% are bilingual or are using Google Translate.

What Web Browsers Do Our Visitors Mostly Use?

Chrome – 40% (-13%)
Firefox – 34% (+16%)
IE – 15% (same)
Safari – 6% (same)
Android – 2% (-2%)

There has been a significant increase in Firefox use and a corresponding drop in Chrome. Although Chrome’s global market share has been on the rise in recent years (now the world’s most popular browser) we suspect that Firefox users have come to TechLogon more than average because some of our Firefox articles have been heavily linked to by other tech sites.

Which Versions Of These Web Browsers Are Most Used?

As Firefox and Chrome update every 6 weeks, we’ve looked at only the last month’s figures to get a fairer sample:

Firefox 27 – 43%
Firefox 35 – 40%
Firefox 36 – 6%
Firefox 34 and earlier – 11%

It is worrying that less than half of visitors are on the latest (and most secure) Firefox 35/36. It’s not clear to us why 43% of visitors are still on Firefox 27 – the totally new interface design (Australis) didn’t appear until FF29 so we would have expected FF28 to be the main sticking point if those users wanted to avoid the new look and feel? Please let us know in the comments if you’re on Firefox 27 and why.

IE11 – 87%
IE10 – 11%
IE9 and earlier – 2%

It is perhaps surprising that IE10 still features at all as it was only available to W7/8 users and they can easily upgrade to IE11. Perhaps those visitors are from work environments that have stuck with the older version for compatibility with corporate software.

Remaining XP/Vista users stuck with IE8/IE9 as their only Microsoft option have obviously realised they are much better off switching to Firefox/Chrome to benefit from better security and performance.

Chrome 40 – 88%
Chrome 39 and earlier – 12%

Chrome’s automatic updates are obviously doing their job well, upgrading most users to the latest (and most secure) version.

Which Operating System Is Most Used?

Windows – 79%
Android – 8%
Mac – 5%
iOS – 5%
Linux – 2%

No great surprise – we focus more on Windows than Mac/Linux simply because these percentages are typical of the home computer market where (like it or not) Windows is still king. We have run more articles on Android in particular and its 3% increase to take second spot refects that, overtaking Macs for the first time.

What Versions Of Windows Are Most Used?

Windows 7 – 50%
Windows 8/8.1 – 37%
XP – 10%
Vista – 3%

The continuing dominance of Windows 7 matches industry averages but we do aim most articles specifically at W7 and W8 nowadays. Tech-aware readers are the most likely to have adopted these newer operating systems by now.

Which Version Of Adobe Flash Player Is Most Used?

16 – 58%
Not set – 35%
15 and below – 7%

[‘Not set’ means that either Flash was not installed, was disabled in the browser or could not be determined]

We have written before on Flash Player’s vulnerability to virus attack and why you should update Flash so it is encouraging that most of our readers use the latest version. Version 16 should be an urgent upgrade for anyone still using an older version.

Is Java Enabled In The Browser?

68% – yes
32% – no

We have written before that only 0.2% of all the websites in the world (1 in 500) still use Java and have written a number of times on Java security risks so it is disappointing to see that 68% of our visitors still have it enabled when it is unnecessary for most people. Even users who need Java for Libre/Open Office could likely disable it in the browser for better security.


Big winners this year are Windows 7 and 8 whilst XP/Vista drop off the radar at last – our stats broadly match their market shares. Android in particular also enjoyed increased usage as more visitors switch to mobile devices.

Big loser is Java (if installed and enabled for no good reason), still putting users’ security at unnecessary risk. Firefox joins it on the naughty step – 54% of users not upgrading to the latest versions could be a sign that the automatic update process needs to be slicker – and tougher.

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