Classic Bejeweled Game Now Free On Chrome

Pining for the days when computer games didn’t require buying a new $300 graphics card every 6 months? When games were addictive and more about skill than just shooting up stuff (even if it is in 3D)?

You’re in luck. Original developers Popcap have just released the classic gem-swapping game Bejeweled especially for Google Chrome – and it’s free. Bejeweled (originally called Diamond Mine) was created in 2001 and, together with subsequent follow ups, has sold up to 100 million copies over the years.

If you have never played Bejeweled before you’re in for a treat – the objective of this game is to swap one gem with an adjacent gem to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more gems. Think Tetris, but better…

Chrome’s free version of Bejeweled features two modes – Classic (the original untimed game) and Speed (against the clock, try to collect enough gems in time) and the graphics are provided by HTML5 (which is good news for those who have problems with Flash Player in Chrome)…

This game showcases the awesome visuals available in HTML5 (the proposed new web standard for browser based games) and they are amazingly good, considering that you are playing the entire game in just a web browser.

You can also choose to play in SD on older computers/low powered netbooks or in HD on more powerful/newer PCs.

Bejeweled is available free from the Chrome Web Store here.


Bejeweled fun on Chrome

If you’re new to Chrome, you can find lots of other free apps and games in the store, including the ubiquitous Angry Birds and Plants Vs Zombies which is also well worth a look. To browse the whole collection, take a look in the Games category.

Other Bejeweled Versions

If you have an iPad or iPhone, there is a standard version of the game available on iTunes store here and a full HD version for iPad only here.

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8 Responses to: "Classic Bejeweled Game Now Free On Chrome"

  1. Jake The Peg says:

    Cool I remember bejeweled from years back, looks good, way better than tetris!!!!

  2. Renee Saunders says:

    i have enjoyed playing Bejeweled for some time on my present server and laptop. However, yesterday I received this message:
    Access Denied

    You don’t have permission to access “” on this server.
    Reference #18.f7b31bb8.1462641641.23d56d6

    I am not technological oriented and very frustrated. I cannot reload the game. Please help.

    • Roy says:

      @Renee – that just means that their website is down (for everyone) so it’s not you or your computer at fault – you could try contacting Popcap (makers of the game) on their twitter/facebook or for an update…

  3. michel germain says:

    If it means that the website is down, it’s been so for months! I’ve received the same message

  4. RetiredTechie says:

    Well, it looks like as of today, Feb 13, 2017, Bejeweled Classic is not longer available for the Chrome browser (and thusly, Chromebooks). :(