Crysis Wreckage Free Standalone Game For PC

The full standalone version of the popular Crysis single player modification Wreckage is available for free download.

No need to download the separate EA Origin client, no DRM and you do not need to own any Crysis game to play this – though a high end computer would help as it is very graphically intensive!

Wreckage is a single player and first person shooter – it offers an action-oriented presentation, professional execution, complete dubbing and Crysis-level graphics.

In 2011, the Wreckage mod amazed Crysis gamers with its professional approach and action gameplay, that even pushed the CryEngine 2 to its limits. It tells the story of three soldiers who try to survive a devastating war between two worlds”.

Download this standalone game in a zip file from here – it’s about 1.8GB so you will need a fast and stable broadband connection (took about half an hour for me at 10 Mbps speed).

Once downloaded, unzip (extract) the file and put the unzipped folder wherever you want it. Within the Bin32 or Bin64 folder (depending on whether you have 32bit or 64bit Windows), double click Crysis_Wreckage to begin.

Note: The spoken language is always German but translated subtitles are available – when you first start Wreckage you have the choice of selecting German, English or Spanish subtitles.

Wreckage – Launch Trailer Video


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  1. when i click on game exe it say crysystem dll to other directory please help me oh i remember my pc windows is crash and it cannot found my graphics card i have geforce 2 mx 400 seris can i run ,th game on the grpahics card

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