How To Reload All Tabs In Chrome, Firefox Or IE

It can often be useful to reload (refresh) all open tabs in your web browser. For example, you start the browser with 10 tabs pre-loaded but your internet connection is not on – so you end up with 10 tabs showing page unavailable. After enabling the internet connection you might then want a way to quickly refresh all ten tabs.

It is simple to reload all open tabs in Firefox and IE because they include a right click (context menu) option to do so. However, an extension is required for Chrome so we’ll start with that first.

Chrome Extension – download and install the Reload All Tabs extension from the Chrome Web Store here. It offers 3 ways to quickly reload all tabs:

  • 1. Press the extension’s action button on the right of the Omnibar.
  • 2. Use the keyboard shortcut – by default it is CTRL + Shift + r
  • 3. Right click anywhere within an open page and choose ‘Reload all tabs’ from the context menu as shown below:


After installing Reload All Tabs, its Options are displayed in a new tab. Here you can choose whether to hide the action button or disable the context menu option.

You can also specify if you want to reload all Chrome windows (not just open tabs within the current window) and if you want to reload only pinned tabs. Finally, it is possible to change the keyboard shortcut to a different combination as shown below:


Reload All Tabs – Options

Press the Save button when you have finished making any changes. This extension works very well – it is a shame that it doesn’t offer a context menu option when right clicking a tab (like other major browsers), only within a page, but this may be due to Chrome’s limitations. However, it does add more functionality than the basic feature available in Firefox and IE.

Chrome Workaround. If you don’t want to install an extension in Chrome there is a manual workaround: In Chrome Settings, set ‘On start-up’ to ‘Continue where I left off’.

When you want to refresh all tabs, close and restart Chrome – all your previously open tabs will be refreshed when Chrome starts. This solution works but is not as quick or neat as using the extension.

Firefox – right click on any open tab and select ‘Reload All Tabs’ as shown below:


IE – right click on any open tab and select ‘Refresh All’ as shown below:



The ability to reload all tabs can be useful and is well supported in Firefox and IE. It is odd that Chrome does not include such a basic feature but the extension does a good job and offers extra functionality.

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