Ccleaner 3.24 Improvements And Firefox Plugin Management

Ccleaner 3.24 adds further improvements and Firefox Plugin Management. Piriform have updated popular system utility Ccleaner – it’s a great way to delete temporary files and this latest version adds new features and some further improvements which are reviewed below.

One of the notable changes is a new Firefox plugin and extension (add-on) management tool but there are a variety of further improvements too.

Firefox Plugin and Extension Management – This is a new feature in the Tools section of Ccleaner 3.24 – Firefox lets you manage plugins and extensions via the Add-ons Manager where you can disable an item or delete an add-on. However you can’t delete a plugin and the information given is limited.

Ccleaner includes the same features but adds the deletion of plugins, the ability to save one or more selected plugins/add-ons to a text file and the ability to open the containing folder (can be useful in troubleshooting). It displays the name, version number, publisher, profile and file name/location of each plugin/extension.

To access the new management tool (make sure Firefox is closed first):

  • Open Ccleaner 3.24 and select the Tools tab then the Startup tab.
  • Select the new ‘Firefox/Mozilla’ tab to display a list of extensions (add-ons) and plugins as shown below:
Firefox Plugin Management
  • Click a column heading (e.g. Enabled, Key, Publisher) if you want to sort all the entries by that column.
  • Select an entry to modify and press the Enable/Disable (or Delete – not recommended) button as required or Save to Text File – the context (right click) menu for an entry adds the option to Open the Containing Folder.

Note: before deleting any entries it would be advisable to take a full backup of Firefox e.g. with MozBackup in case of any problems.

Other changes in Ccleaner 3.24 include optimization Windows 7 and Windows 8 64-bit, improved Cookie and Saved Form Information cleaning for Firefox beta builds plus added cleaning for various programs like AVG 2013 etc. Windows MRUs (Most Recently Used) lists gain enhanced cleaning and there are some minor user interface improvements plus bug fixes.

Download Ccleaner 3.24 – Download Ccleaner Free from Piriform here or download the Portable version (zipped file) that requires no installation from the bottom of the Builds page here.


Ccleaner has long been one of my top 10 free system utilities. These improvements to the cleaning process and additional program support keep it at the top of the Windows system cleaning pile.