Checking If A Website Is Up Or Down

Before assuming that your computer is at fault, if a particular website does not load up (but others do), test to see if it is down (unavailable) for others too. We all know the feeling – you’re happily surfing the web but suddenly find that one particular website does not load up. This can make you wonder if your computer is to blame or whether that website is down for everyone – it always makes you feel better if you know that nobody else can access it either!

Before delving into your web browser’s settings or trying to restore Windows, it is a good idea to see if the website is really down or not.

How To Check If A Website Is Up Or Down

The simplest way to test this is to use the website – just type in the website name you want to test (without the http: or www) e.g. to test our site you would type in and click on ‘or just me?’ to find out if the website is up or down.

If the website you looked for is reported as down for everyone then you will have to wait until it is fixed and brought back up again (may take hours or days depending on the reason for the site becoming unavailable).

If the website is reported as up then it is just you – confirm if you typed the right website name. If you did then you should probably try another browser such as Chrome or Firefox to see if the site loads in them. Or start looking into your internet settings e.g. web browser settings.

If you are using Internet Explorer, take a look at our article on stopping Internet Explorer crashing which covers the steps needed to repair corrupted settings.