Clear Google Chrome History And More On Exit

Click&Clean is an advanced privacy tool to clear Chrome history automatically on exit. One greatly missed feature in Google Chrome is the ability to automatically clear your browsing history on exit – and other data like cookies and download history etc.

Firefox achieves this with a simple Privacy option but Chrome has only a manual method to clear browsing data. First, a quick look at the manual methods:

1. Via the Menu (‘hotdog’) icon – Settings \ Show Advanced Settings \ Clear Browsing Data (Privacy section).
2. A hotkey alternative to reach the Clear Browsing Data window is to press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL at the same time.
3. Another quick alternative to reach the Clear Browsing Data window is to type the following into the address bar: chrome://chrome/settings/clearBrowserData then bookmark the page so it appears on the Bookmarks bar.

[If the Bookmarks bar is not showing, press the menu icon then Bookmarks then tick ‘Show Bookmarks Bar’.] Now you can single click the bookmark to open the Clear Browsing Data window.

However, with all these methods, you still have to select ‘Clear browsing data’ – a manual process which wastes time. A far better solution if you want to clear history and browsing data when closing Chrome is to use Click&Clean.

Click&Clean for Chrome – This is a top rated extension (4.8 out of 5 stars) which automatically deletes browsing history when you exit Chrome. It can also clean typed URLs, Flash cookies, download history and all traces of your online activity to protect your privacy.

Install Click&Clean from Chrome Web Store here. Once installed, right click on the Click&Clean icon and choose Options – select the ‘Clear Private Data…’ tab to choose what you want it to clean on exit from Chrome:


One of the most important options is ‘Ask me before cleaning’ – Untick this if you want it to clear Chrome history etc automatically on exit.

You can also choose to clean System and Advanced files as shown below:


The Click&Clean main menu (left click on its icon) also offers a host of system utilities and shortcuts to Windows features:


These include links to an online malware scanner, screen capture and many others – including shortcuts to open Windows utilities such as Disk Cleanup and Services. Advanced users can use the Advanced tab in Click&Clean Options to set up automatic running of external applications (e.g. Ccleaner) upon exit.


Click&Clean is an advanced privacy tool to clear Chrome history on exit. It also caters for those who need more powerful options by including a subset of the privacy features found in Ccleaner and some useful system utilities too.