Jul 042012

Tab-Snap is a Chrome extension that makes it easy to copy all URLs (website addresses) of open tabs in Google Chrome – and has other great features too.

It is similar to the ‘Copy URLs Expert’ add-on for Firefox that I reviewed earlier but not as slick. Note that it was previously called ‘Grab Y’all Links’.

URLs are displayed in a list (with the webpage titles) so you can copy them to the clipboard and paste them into an email or text document etc.

Tab-Snap can also import multiple URLs back into Chrome e.g. automatically open 10 new tabs from a list of 10 URLs that you copied and saved earlier (or that someone else sent to you). Extra features in the Options are the ability to automatically pre-format a gmail message (useful for sending the links to yourself) and to convert all open tabs into a file list (in csv or txt format).

Tab-Snap provides several options for handling tabs:

1. Copy URLs of all tabs in the current Chrome window.
2. Convert all tabs to a file list.
3. Paste (Import) a list of URLs or a file list.

It is available from Chrome Web Store here.

Once installed you can access the main Tab-Snap functions from the extension’s icon as shown below:


Tab-Snap Menu

1. Snapshot

This option produces a list of all open tab URLs (and their titles) – copy them to the clipboard so you can paste them into an email or document etc. To copy them to the clipboard, follow the instructions given, as shown below:


Tab-Snap Copy Open URLs

CTRL+A is a hotkey to select everything in the list and CTRL+C is a hotkey to copy that selection to the clipboard.

Tip: if you prefer, you can use the mouse to select (highlight) the list of URLs and then copy them by right clicking and select Copy.

2. Restore

This option restores a browsing session based on a list of URLs that you have previously saved to the clipboard.

Paste a list of URLs into the input box then click ‘Open List’ – it will then open each of these URLs in a new tab in the current Chrome window.

CTRL+V is a hotkey to paste – or you can right click in the input box and select ‘Paste’.

The extension can extract the http/https lines from any list – so the list can include the web page title or any other information.

Tip For Chrome Users Who Use Firefox Too

If you use Chrome and Firefox, you could install a very similar Firefox add-on (see our article here) to import the copied URLs directly into Firefox. This will automatically open the same tabs there – useful if you want to compare how each browser performs.

Likewise, you could use the Firefox add-on to copy URLs from Firefox and import them into Chrome with the ‘Restore’ feature of this Chrome extension.


Tab-Snap is invaluable if you regularly need to copy lots of URLs from Chrome tabs – it is so much quicker than selecting each URL and copy/pasting it manually. It has bonus features of opening (importing) tabs from a list of saved URLs and also converting tabs into a Gmail message.

If you often work with dozens of open tabs in Chrome, it can also be a good idea to copy (and paste) those open URLs for backup purposes e.g. before upgrading or in case you close Chrome by accident.

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