Find Out Who Unfriended You On Facebook

So you have 85 friends on Facebook, then one day you notice you only have 84 – but how to find out who unfriended you? Facebook have a policy of not saying, presumably so that the person who stopped being your friend doesn’t feel guilty about it – and to prevent any cyber stalking or retaliation from you…

Personally, I don’t really want to know who unfriends me on Facebook. Even if someone is no longer in my list of friends, it doesn’t always mean they purposely defriended me – they may have deleted their Facebook account or I might even have removed them myself by mistake!

However, many people obviously do feel the need to know, judging by the number of apps and services that have sprung up to offer this information. So, if your reasons are genuine, you can use the service below to find out exactly who unfriends you on Facebook. is a free web service that keeps track of your friends – if something changes (someone deletes or adds you as a friend) you will receive an email (maximum one per day) so you can check who did what. The service has been operating for over a year and has nearly 100,000 registered users. See the website here.



It is not possible to get information from Facebook about people who unfriended you before the time you first use the service above i.e. it can only show you information it collects after the time you first use it.

Researching this article produced a large number of other apps and browser add-ons that purport to offer unfriending information but the majority were outdated and no longer work – it appears that Facebook updates regularly to try and stop such tracking apps, however the service above is still working and has good user reviews at the time of writing.

2 thoughts on “Find Out Who Unfriended You On Facebook”

  1. I sent the notice to a lot of people telling them that there is an app that can tell you who unfriends you on facebook. One person told me she has never heard of it and said to watch out because the website might be a virus or spyware.

    Is your website legitimate ? Now I am worried about this.
    Thank you.

    • Hi Patty, kind of a strange (but nice and honest) question – if a site wasn’t legitimate it wouldn’t tell you ;-)

      But rest assured – TechLogon is perfectly legitimate and is a respected tech news/help website – to prove it, feel free to check our excellent Green (Safe) rating on Web Of Trust here

      Or look us up on Norton’s Safe Web search or similar.

      As you had to ask the question I guess you don’t already use Web Of Trust (WOT). It is safe browsing software used by millions – including Facebook – when you see a green/orange/red ‘blob’ next to web links on Facebook, that is the WOT rating. It’s a great way to avoid visiting bad sites which may contain malware or other bad content.

      Re the 2 services in the article, just because one person hasn’t heard of an app/website doesn’t mean it’s not ok… However, the iPhone app is no longer free so I have removed it from the article.

      Hope you enjoy the rest of the site.

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