Get A Free Personalized Magic Santa Video Message

Bell Media are offering a free personalized Magic Santa video message to send to kids, friends and family. Once created, the video message can be accessed online whenever you wish, forwarded as many times as you like or shared on social networks.

Updated March 2015 – removed all links as this service is not available at the moment, perhaps it will return nearer Christmas.

The personalized video is free to create and share through the holiday season – mobile users also have the option to permanently save the video to their personal library for $0.99

Magic Santa Video Message – Children (or adults!) watch as Santa greets them by name – if the name isn’t on the list, Santa will say: “My dear friend”. He then asks his magic machine to show him whether each child has been naughty or nice.

The video can be customized to include a toy, the child’s photo, home town or province, something the child achieved in the past year, and a challenge for the upcoming year.

How To Create Magic Santa Video – Fill out the form about the recipient and receive an email link to a personalized video. You can complete the form from your PC or use the free iOS and Android apps – have a photo of the receiver and sender/family at the ready if you want to add them into the video message.

  • PC – visit the website homepage – you can play the video to see how the process works or just click ‘Start Here’ and complete the customizing questions.
  • Android App – download from Google Play here.
  • iOS App – download from iTunes store here.



The personalized video is pretty cool and very well executed. The only disappointment might be that not all first names are available – ‘My dear friend’ doesn’t have quite the same impact as Santa saying the name. The creators claim to have added 600 names but there are still a few glaring exceptions e.g. Brecken and Braylon (?) are included but Bill and Bob aren’t.

There’s no Roy either :-(

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