How To Google Search Within A Specific Website

This is a simple tip that can be really useful to Google search within a website.

TechLogon offers a Custom Search box (top right of this page) which you can use to do a search for content within only i.e. not the wider internet.

It is a good way of finding relevant articles within our site. Many other websites offer a similar type of site-only search facility – but what about searching websites which don’t offer such a feature?

Google Search within a Website

You can easily do a custom search of just one specific website from Google itself:

Go to Google and in the search box begin your search with the word site: immediately followed (no gap) by the website name you want to search and then your search terms.

E.g. a search for free antivirus in our site at via Google’s homepage would be: free antivirus

This would return search results from only this site that include either the word free or the word antivirus.

Remember that you can further narrow down your search results by enclosing a phrase in inverted commas e.g. "free antivirus"

This would return results from only this site that include the specific phrase “free antivirus” – not just either of those words.

Search within a Specific Country or Domain

In a similar way, it is also possible to narrow your search to a specific class of sites by specifying the top level domain name, for example .com or .gov or .org for different types of website and or .fr for UK or French websites only etc. As an example: "best laptop 2019"

This would return results from .com websites only that include the specific phrase “best laptop 2019” – this type of search can be very useful if you are looking for something like product reviews or prices and only want results from your own country.

Other Common Google Search Parameters

You can use additional parameters like OR, AND, – to further tailor your Google search e.g.

A search for “green and apples” will return results for green apples.
A search for “green or apples” will return results for one or the other, or both.
A search for “apples -green” will return results for apples but not green ones ;-)

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2 Responses to: "How To Google Search Within A Specific Website"

  1. Mark W. says:

    Hi Roy,

    While I’m not a big fan of toolbars because of the real estate they occupy, there’s one I’ve used in Firefox for a long time. It provides easy access to multiple search engines, specific engine features, and easy Google site search on the site you’re currently viewing. It’s the Groowe Search Toolbar and can be downloaded at . There’s also an Internet Explorer version but unfortunately not one for the Google Chrome browser. I don’t have any affiliation with the developer of the Groowe toolbar. It came to mind with regards to the Google site search.


    • Roy says:

      Looks a useful plugin Mark, thanks – will have to give it a try and maybe report on it in future – seems like it may act as a replacement for the old Google Toolbar too if needed.