How To Find Serial Numbers For Installed Games

Game Key Revealer is a simple free program to retrieve the CD Key and serial of more than 1,000 games. If you have lost the legal CD Keys or Serial numbers of your purchased games and need to reinstall the game, you can use this program to easily retrieve them from your computer.

Another time you would need the serials is if you had to reinstall Windows e.g. if the hard drive fails or your computer had serious virus infections.

To find serial numbers for installed games your computer must be working and the games installed – i.e. you need to find these keys before you have problems like those mentioned above, not after – if your hard drive has died it is too late.

Game Key Revealer is free and can retrieve the key or serials of over 1,000 games including most of the popular ones:

Download Game Key Revealer from here and save it to your computer – the download link is under ‘Download New Version’ near the top left hand side of the page (not the Download button at the bottom!)

The download is a zip (compressed) file – extract it (usually double click it or just right click on it and choose ‘Extract’) and it will uncompress to a folder called GameKeyRevealer. In that folder look for and run the GameKeyRevealer.exe program file to open the program.

Now click the ‘Find Games’ button and a list of all CD keys and serial numbers from your installed games should be revealed.

Click the ‘Save’ button to save the list to a text file called GameKeyRevealer.txt – it will be saved in the same folder as the program itself. You can now open and print the text file list if required or save it somewhere safe – preferably not on the same computer or you will not have a backup!

If you plan to install a game on another computer with a different hardware specification, you might also like to see our article on how to check if a game will run on your computer.

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  1. i’m looking for the serial key, who need to instal for the tomb raider crossroads, who can help me with this.
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