Quickly Send A Webpage Link By Email In Google Chrome

Firefox and IE both let you quickly email a link to the webpage you are currently viewing. This simple option opens up a new email in your default mail program – with the webpage link already included in the message.

However, Chrome does not include such a feature – you have to resort to copying the webpage URL (address), opening your mail program, creating a new email and pasting the URL into it…

If you often share web page addresses with others via email, this missing feature can become annoying.

Tip for users of multiple browsers: Firefox and IE allow quick sending of email links as follows:

  • Firefox – Select File \ Email Link from the menu bar (if displayed) or click the Firefox button then Send Email. To send a web link instead of a web page see our review.
  • IE – select File \ Send \ Link by E-mail from the menu bar (if displayed) or Page \ Send Link by E-mail from the command bar.

Send A Webpage Link By Email In Google Chrome

There are a couple of easy ways to add this functionality to Chrome – via an extension or via a special bookmark (my preferred option). [There are extensions that allow sharing of webpage links to dozens of social media sites and mail/Gmail etc (e.g. Shareaholic) but they are outside the scope of this article: simple link sending by mail.]

1. ‘Email This Page’ Extension

This is an official Google extension which adds an email button to the toolbar – press it to email the current webpage link using your default mail client or Gmail. As well as the URL from the current tab, it includes any text you have selected on the page (up to a certain limit) and creates an email out of it for easy sharing with your friends.

The title of the page you are looking at will become the subject of the newly created email and the web page URL will appear at the top of the email message, followed by any text you selected. You can choose (in the extension Options) between using your default email client or Gmail.

Send link 1Results

Copying selected text can be problematic – if the text includes odd formats/fonts it may take a few seconds to open the new email (perhaps caused by time spent on font/character conversion).

Email This Page has another major drawback – it usually only works once per page. If you click it a second time it opens a new email but only copies (useless) mailto: info into the message – no page title and no clickable URL link.

A workaround is to refresh the page (press F5) and it works properly again for one more email (refresh again if you wanted it a third time etc).


Install from Google Web Store here.

2. Special Bookmark

  • Create a new bookmark – right click the Bookmarks bar and select ‘Add Page’ to open the Edit Bookmark window.

[If the Bookmarks bar is not displayed, click the Wrench/Spanner icon then ‘Bookmarks’ then ‘Show bookmarks bar’ to display it]

  • In the Name text field, type in a useful description e.g. Email Link
  • In the URL text field, paste the following javascript code:


  • Select the Bookmarks bar location as shown below:

Send link 2

  • Press Save to create the new bookmark – it should appear on the Bookmarks bar.

When you select this bookmark it does the same as the ‘Email This Page’ function above except that it does not copy selected text too – just the page title and URL link. Considering that the copying of selected text is sometimes slow this may be not a bad thing…

Crucially, the bookmark keeps working – unlike ‘Email This Page’ you can use it any number of times, even on the same webpage.


I expected more from ‘Email This Page’ as it is Google’s own extension but I found it quite buggy. The javascript bookmark proves that it is not difficult to get this feature right – it worked every time.

If you need to include selected text then the extension may be worth trying but if you need to send via Gmail then consider instead Google’s own ‘Send From Gmail’ extension.

For quick and simple sending of titles and URL links via email, the bookmark method is my preferred method.

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6 Responses to: "Quickly Send A Webpage Link By Email In Google Chrome"

  1. GC says:

    Both Edge and Chrome should develop a send link by email that works with client email software…Lots of folks use this task and Edge doesn’t have it or an extension addon and chrome doesn’t either however there is a few extensions that work but with many bugs…

    Time to find another browser as a result of this, Chrome isn’t improving in the past few years.

  2. VAM says:

    works in windows 10 for me – but it doesn’t allow me to use my yahoo email which is the one I 99% of the time when I am on the internet. My gmail is reserved for private purposes. I really thought I was liking google chrome -but this is a real show stopper for me. guess I am going to have to go back to IE. :(

  3. Roger says:

    Using windows 10- does not work

  4. Kent says:

    the special bookmark method worked in Windows 7. i cannot get it to work in windows 10

  5. Michael Burrage says:

    This is my third attempt trying to get send link, which is so easy on IE, and it has failed. I followed your instructions very very carefully. The icon sits on the bookmarks bar right enough, but it does nothing when you are on the website which you wish to bring to the attention of someone else -no email appears. Nothing.

    It gives me a very low opinion of Google. Why bring out a product that cannot do the simplest things? Do they ever test what they do?

    Regards, and thanks for your help. You set out what to do very clearly. It just doesn’t work in my case. back to Firefox and IE for me.


    • Roy says:

      @Michael – strange, if your IE can open a new email link then your email program must be set ok as the default.

      Just tested and both methods still work for me (Windows 7 64bit, Outlook, Chrome 26) but some reviewers of the extension had no joy with it either (seem to be mainly Vista/W8 users?) – but for unknown reasons :-(