Stop Ati2mtag Event 62464 Spam In System Event Log

Spam messages in the System event log have annoyed me ever since installing a new AMD (formerly ATI) graphics card. I like to keep Event Viewer’s System log relatively clean as it makes it easier to spot new errors or important system events.

However, AMD graphics drivers have generated hundreds of useless ‘Information’ events in the System log. The Source of each event is Ati2mtag, the Category is DVD_OV and the Event number is 62464. The Description of each event is the uninformative ‘UVD Information’.

Ati2mtag Event Spam – the messages are a result of using DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA) that allows video decoding to be hardware accelerated. If you don’t use DXVA you shouldn’t see any messages but most popular media players like VLC, MPC-HC and Windows Media Player (11 and 12) do use it – and so does Flash Player.

The odds are high that playing a video or just watching YouTube etc on a modern PC will use DXVA and therefore generate Ati2mtag events. As shown below, they can be churned out at a rate of almost one per second (one per video frame) which fills up the System log – theoretically, this might also slow down the computer and this constant disk writing is especially bad for an SSD boot drive:


How To Stop Event 62464 Spam – The registry fix below prevents logging of any AMD driver errors which is not ideal but, as long as you are not encountering graphics problems, it should be safe enough to disable logs across the board – I’ll also cover how to enable them again if required.

  • Hold down the Windows key on your keyboard and press R to open the Run command.
  • In the Run command window type regedit then press Enter to open the Registry Editor.

Tip: Navigate through the Registry Editor by opening the folders and subfolders in the left panel (double click to open or click on the + sign to open subfolders and the – sign to close them).

  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Atierecord
  • In the right hand panel, double click on the eRecordEnable key and change the value to 0 (zero) as shown below then press OK:


[If this key is not present, add it – right click in an empty part of the right hand panel, select ‘New’ then select ‘DWORD value’ and change the default name to eRecordEnable with a value of 0]

The registry entry should now appear as shown below:

Registry – after changing the value
  • Close the Registry Editor and restart the PC – you should no longer get this event spam in the System log. If you ever want to enable AMD driver error logging again, reset the value of eRecordEnable back to 1.

Note: if you update the AMD graphics drivers in the future you will have to follow this guide again to reapply the fix.


It is time that AMD fixed this issue and stopped Information events from spamming the System log. For the moment, disabling AMD driver error reporting is the only way to prevent the events accumulating unless you disable DXVA in each media player (and disable hardware acceleration in Adobe Flash Player).

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  1. I noticed an extraordinary number of ‘amd’ files in the Win SxS folder. They are all system protected. Is here any EASY way to delete them?

    Thank you.

    John Lavey

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