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Flashlight by Henry Asseily is a free (no adverts), quick to load and simple to use flashlight app for iPhone. There are hundreds of flashlight apps that promise to turn your iPhone’s camera flash into a flashlight which can be really useful.

Typically, the time you most need a flashlight is when you don’t have one handy (or you find the batteries are flat, and you don’t have any spares…) but you probably will have your iPhone available and ready to go.

What Is The Best Free Flashlight App for iPhone? Many of the apps are not free so I have ruled them out because, let’s be honest, a flashlight app is likely not something you’ll use every day (unless you live in a cave) so why pay for it?

I have also ruled out apps which bombard you with more adverts than light and also apps that add so many extra ‘features’ that they fall down on the basic function – an easy and quick way to turn the iPhone’s lights on. So I have selected what I think is the best free flashlight app for iPhone below:

Flashlight (by Henri Asseily)

Averages ratings – 5 stars. Cost – free. Adverts? – NO adverts. Designed for – iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Requirements – iOS 4.2 or later. Size – 0.1MB which is less than a tenth of many other flashlight apps. Download and more info at iTunes appstore here – it transforms your iPhone into a powerful flashlight using the light of the rear camera. Features include:

  • Simple, very small and fast – less than 2 seconds to load and less than 10% of the size of most other apps. According to the developer it is only 200 lines of code, including comments…
  • Flash on/off, INSTANT on
  • Emergency Morse SOS mode on shake
  • Strobe with complete control over the light AND dark timings (10ms to 2s)
  • Morse mode (manual strobe)
  • Can completely darken your screen for better effect
  • Remembers its state when in background mode and across restarts



Flashlight doesn’t include any adverts, is free, quick to load and simple to use, without a host of questionable extra ‘features’ to slow it down – ideal if you’re looking for a lightweight free app that just ‘does the job’.

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