Clean Master For Android Frees Up Cache Memory And More

Clean Master is a free app to clear application cached files and history, kill running processes and much more – it frees up valuable internal storage memory space on your Android device. This can be particularly useful for phones (especially older models) which suffer from low system resources and insufficient memory issues.

From the developers’ website: “It provides comprehensive cleaning methods to clean cache, residual files, app packages and erase history.

Clean Master – Averages ratings – 4.6 star ratings, Cost – free, Designed for – Android 1.6 (or higher), Size – 1.5MB.

Main Features include:

  • History Eraser – you can get rid of the files generated by the most popular apps easily and automatically.
  • Residual Files Cleaner – cleans those files which are left even after you have uninstalled an app.
  • Task Killer – kill the unwanted tasks and release more RAM to speed up your android device.
  • Clean Temp APKs – clean the temporary installation files on your device.
  • Clears cached files.

Download – and more info at Android Market here – the app has a simple user interface split into four main tasks with sub tasks off each:

Main app menu

Testing on my own phone succeeded in clearing tens of MB but I’ve run apps like this before so there wouldn’t be too much to clean – reviews from other users claim much more impressive savings e.g. hundreds of MB or even 1GB+.

The realistic benefit of this app will likely be proportional to the amount of junk your device has accumulated. As always with any automatic cleaning utility, it’s best to ensure you have backed up your important data first, just in case.

Is Clearing Cached Files A Good Idea? Android does have integrated memory management to free up some memory when it gets full – and cached files can speed up loading of apps that have been previously opened. However, clearing the cache manually with an app like Clean Master may be the only way to resolve certain memory issues – especially if you have an older or low powered phone.

Many users report that it does help (hence the high user ratings) and can increase performance dramatically in some cases e.g. if the memory is almost full it may not be possible to launch some apps due to insufficient memory or new apps may launch slower (because Android has to free up some space in memory first before the new app can launch).

Clearing cached files may be of less benefit on a high end Android device with ample memory but the other features make Clean Master a worthwhile download anyway.