How To Disable The Android Lock Screen

No Lock is a useful free app if you want to use an Android phone as quickly as possible – with no lock screen. The Android lock screen locks your mobile screen when you’re out and about or not using it – but it can quickly become a pain when you’re at home or you want to quickly resume from standby.

No Lock simply disables the lock screen – press the unlock/menu button once and the screen turns on immediately. The developer states that it is especially useful for the Nexus One if you don’t like to have to ‘slide’ to unlock. I would add that it can also be useful for some Android tablets.

e.g. my M009S tablet running Gingerbread 2.3 used to drive me up the wall by requiring slide to unlock when resuming from standby – using No Lock lets it resume immediately (although slide to unlock is still required for a cold start when the app is not active).

Note that doing away with the lock screen could have the potential drawback of ‘butt dialing’ – where your phone is activated if you sit on it and could even speed dial a number if you were unlucky (or just reduce battery life if it is left on).

  • Averages ratings – 4.4 star ratings
  • Cost – free
  • Designed for – Android 1.5 (or higher).
  • Size – 183k
  • Size when in use – c 2.5MB

Download – Download and more info at Google Play here.


No Lock does what it says – it’s basic but small and free.

Note that it will not work on certain phones (and probably more tablets) but it is well worth a try if you don’t want to pay for an app with extra functionality.

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  1. Please help – my daughter has an android tablet which you have to slide to unlock but then it asks for aher password which she has forgotten!! How do I overcome this?

    • after 5 wrong attempts you normally get a ‘forgot password’ option which lets you log into your Google account and unlock the tablet. if not, you may need to reset the tablet to the original factory settings but you will lose everything on it

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