How To Fix Android WiFi Problems

FXR Wifi Fix and Rescue is a free app with a good success rate to fix Android WiFi problems instead of a factory reset. Looking for a way to fix Android WiFi problems? Wireless problems on Android devices include failing to connect (or reconnect) to the wireless router, losing the wireless connection when idle or the device not even attempting to connect to the wireless network.

In many cases Android wireless problems may be caused by bugs in the way Android is implemented on a device or software corruption due to other apps (especially wifi management apps). For this type of persistent problem, a factory reset is often considered the only way to restore a working wifi connection.

Before taking this nuclear approach it is worth trying a Wifi rescue app to fix Android WiFi problems. Step forward FXR WiFi Fix and Rescue – a free, simple but powerful rescue application which may fix dysfunctional or problematic WiFi connections.

The app includes a way to notify the developer if the app succeeded in fixing the problem or failed – to date the success rate is 58% out of the total reports received.

  • Averages ratings – 4.3 star ratings
  • Cost – free
  • Designed for – Android 1.5 (or higher).
  • Size – 86kB

Features – Unlike many other apps that aim to fix Android Wi-Fi problems, it does not run as a service in the background – it only runs when you open it. It therefore does not add any CPU (processor) load to your device and does not consume your battery.

It is recommended to install it even if your Wi-Fi is working so it will be available if Wi-Fi stops working in future – the app is so tiny it takes up virtually no space. One click activation – wait for a few seconds (up to about one minute) and that’s it!

Download – Download and more info at Google Play here.

Test Video – The video below showcases FXR WiFi Fix And Rescue in operation:

Notes – If the problem is due to a physical hardware fault in the device then no app is going to be able to fix it. Before blaming your Android device for wireless problems, it helps to rule out other causes e.g. too great a distance or too many walls between it and the wireless router.

If other devices (e.g. laptops) also have wireless issues connecting to the same router then it is likely to be the router (or its configuration) to blame. Likewise, if you only have wireless issues with one particular wireless router (i.e. your Android device works fine with other wireless routers) then your Android device is not the problem.

In both cases, consider resetting and reconfiguring your router or switch to a new one – see how to set up a wireless router.


FXR Wifi Fix and Rescue is a last but one resort to fix Android wi-fi problems – the absolute last resort remains a full factory reset.

An almost 60% success rate is good for this type of app because many wireless problems may not actually be the fault of the Android device – other common causes are a faulty (or badly configured) router and environmental issues e.g. too many walls or other wireless networks interfering with the signal.

The high user ratings reflect its success – if you are about to do a factory reset to try to resolve WiFi issues it seems a no-brainer to give this free app a try first.

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  1. When I press to start the app is starts out but when it gets to deleting profiles reading profiles the yellow var gets to about half and hangs there.. Its been over an hour and its not moving no more. It says not to exit the application.

    Any one else have this problem?

    Please help!

  2. I have a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 w/ andriod. Its been connecting w/ wifi since i bought it several years ago. Now it opens w/ no wifi. it shows connect and password screen, but the OK tab will not hy-light, only cancel. I have engaged the factory reset and it still does not work. Is it time to say GOODBYE and get a new one, or is it worth fixing.

  3. My penta ws1001q tablet WiFi logo has stop turning blue after loading it remains grey and when I open playstore it says connection fail but it connect to the internet please help.

  4. On my phone I go to my wifi setting and it doesn’t scan for any wifi connections, I tried to download the app off my laptop but it never came to my phone HELP!

  5. Wonderful dear u r the best I think u gave me what I have searching for a week thanks a lot man it really works regards thanks a lot man

  6. Anyone try this for the Motorola Motoluxe? After Motorola’s November 2012 software update, the phone shows connection to WiFi router but cannot access internet. I am on Virgin Mobile Canada.

  7. My BSNL penta is701c Tablet wifi is not geting Switched On .please suggest and reslove the issue.


  8. I will try to download for some place. Now, my WiFi connect but don’t have access to internet.. I hope this apps fix my problem.

    Thanks fot the info.

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