Record Your Sleep Talk With Android And iOS App

Ever wondered what you talk about in bed? No, not your pillow talk with a partner – I mean talking aloud in your sleep.

Sleep talk is called somniloquy. Although more common in children (up to 50%) it can also affect adults – about 5% may continue talking long after they have gone to sleep.

Intrigued to know what you might sleep talk about? Worried that you might be missing out on some great ideas that come to you in your sleep?

Want prima facie evidence that your ‘in denial’ partner really does snore? Then this may be the app for you – check out if you’re funnier whilst asleep than when you’re awake!

Sleep Talk Recorder is an app for Android and iOS. It’s designed to help you find out if you talk in your sleep – and record it if you do. It monitors your sleep but isn’t just an ongoing recording – filtering functions qualify sounds and only trigger recording when sounds are heard.

The interface has individual settings for sensitivity and filtering whilst a history saves your recordings and sorts them on a timeline, night by night, for easy navigation. If you have any particularly funny clips you could even add them to your favorites and post them to FaceBook or Twitter!

Android App

  • Averages ratings – 4.1 star ratings
  • Cost – free (with adverts) or purchase an ad-free version
  • Designed for – Android 2.1 (or higher).
  • Size – 2.2MB
  • Records in 16bit 16kHz HiFi sound
  • Supports background recording (not App2SD compatible) – press HOME-key when recording (the red bed) and the app records in the background



Download and more info at Google Play here.

iOS App

  • Averages ratings – 4.5 star ratings
  • Cost – $0.99
  • Designed for – iOS 4.0 (or higher).
  • iPhone or iPad (for iPod you must connect a microphone equipped headset).
  • Size – 18.2MB
  • Optimized for Retina Display



Download and more info at iTunes Store here.