What Speed Do You Read eBooks?

A simple way to test your reading speed with comparison to the national (US) averages.

The test below from Staples was designed to check your eBook reading speed then tell you how many pages you could get through before the battery of your eReader runs out. Obviously this is a sales stunt to highlight the superior battery power of some eReaders but it’s fun to test yourself.

Based on your reading speed the test also estimates how fast you can read classics like ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘War and Peace’ – though I suspect if you’re an adult who hasn’t read them by now you’re probably never going to…

In case you were thinking of just skimming the test page, not so fast – once you have read it you will need to answer 3 questions to make sure you read it enough to remember elements of it.

Once you have taken the test you can change the page to one from another book (to prevent you knowing the answers in advance) by clicking on the cog at the top right of the eReader image – there are also options to change the font size and length of the test.

My own results were much as I expected until I became faster than the quickest speed reader by taking the same test again, so I already knew the answers – I know you’re only cheating yourself but hey, it’s good to win sometimes ;-)

How did you do?


Click this link to take the test: Staples.