PhotoFiltre 7 Portable – Quick And Powerful Image Editor

PhotoFiltre 7 Portable is a complete image retouching program that lets you make simple or advanced adjustments to an image and apply a wide range of filters on it.

It’s simple to use and is a quick and lightweight alternative to complex suites like Photoshop, offering all the usual editing features like clone brush, paint brush, layers and transparency etc.

The program is free for personal use and it’s portable i.e. no need to install it. The main features include:

  • Quick to load – (almost instant) so ideal for quick editing.
  • Layers – new to version 7. These let you edit different parts of the image separately.
  • Filters – wide range of filters.
  • Automation module – batch processing, allows you to apply basic functions/corrections (conversion, image size, framing) to a group of images at once.
  • PhotoMasque module – With PhotoMasque you can create advanced effects of contour and transparency on your images by using preset masks.
  • Other functions – Image browser, Plug-in management, Scanning of images etc.
  • Multi-language support

Download – PhotoFiltre 7 Portable is available for download from PortableApps. Download the program (it’s a .paf.exe file) and run it to extract the program folder to a location of your choice (or to a USB drive for use on different computers).

In the new PhotoFiltrePortable folder, run the PhotoFiltrePortable.exe program file to open the program.

Tip: if you want to adjust the language, run and then close the application at least once (to create an initial settings file) then edit this file PhotoFiltrePortableSettings.ini within the PhotoFiltrePortable\Data\settings directory. Set Language= to your preferred language (e.g. de for German, fr for French etc).


Plugins And Tutorials – There are 35 optional Plugins (e.g. Red eye removal, create a Contact Sheet) and a range of Tutorials for PhotoFiltre available at the developer’s website here – note that the site has only version 6 available for download, the new version 7 is available at PortableApps as above.


PhotoFiltre 7 Portable is very quick to load, intuitive to use and now includes layers for more advanced editing – it’s ideal for quick editing without the need for an expensive and slow-loading full graphics suite.

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